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A creative game to help you manage a real-world crisis.

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It's Real

The rumours are true. On November 17, an alien species touched down. They came silently, without warning. Their very presence was cloaked. Special agent Li Weinlang worked hard to raise the alarm, but it was too late. Our planet was invaded, never to be the same again.

The Covi are a curious race. Invisible to the naked eye, and wholly dependent upon us for survival. Without our presence, they die on some surfaces within a few hours, on other surfaces they last for several days!

But they are vicious fighters, and egomaniac recreators. If one finds you, they will copy themselves a million times over. Unlike humans, who create variety when we multiply, they are (mostly) carbon copies

They are real, and they must be stopped.

It's time:

Soldier Covi - Semi-Scary

Project update

Dear Friends and Fans,

We’ve had to make the hard decision. The super-hard decision that creative types have to make all the time. We are not moving ahead with launching a StoptheCovi app.

When we began the journey, CoVid-19 was looming large and full of questions. It didn’t feel like supporting agencies were going to be able to adapt and support people all the ways they needed. We knew we had an app, mostly developed and somewhat suited to help. So we dove into re-purposing it for CoVid-19.

As the weeks progress, established organizations adapted, and we started to question if we could actually bring something helpful, rather than just increasing the amount of noise. The ways we thought we could help, got some focused solutions. So do we plow ahead with a product that doesn’t provide a genuine solution, or acknowledge our lessons, and move on.

We’ve chosen to move on. Our energy is going to be focused on our main project moving forward. If you have any interest in using what we’ve built with StoptheCovi (design assets or the app prototype), we’d be more than willing to share. Reach out on our main website (


The Playful Souls Behind StoptheCovi

One Last Hurrah

When we realized we couldn't launch the StoptheCovi app in time, we explored doing something else with the website; a coloring competition.

A local grassroots organization has "Take Action Grants" for inspiring local solutions. We created an application and made it to the second round. The second round involved creating 2-minute proposal to be shared on social media.

We made this video to the right as our submission. Even though the project didn't happen, we hope you have enjoyed observing our path as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Lessons Learned

If we Could Travel Back in Time

10 Lessons Infographic?b

Soldier Covi - Still Only Semi-Scary

Super Covi

The elite special forces of the invasion force. They specialize in those rare cases where people do (almost) everything right. If you do follow all the right protocols your chances of meeting one of these is very low; but not zero.

Super Covi - Time to Run!
Support Organized Solutions

Support local community

  • Prizes are purchased from local businesses.

  • All advertising profit is directed to support charities and community building initiatives.

  • Administration is volunteer-operated by neighbors who want to inspire a better future.


Soldier Covi - Still Only Semi-Scary

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